Tuesday 1/14/14

Welcome Back! Please Read Everything!!!!

We will continue Mathtendo this this semester, but it will be a little different.  You will earn points by completing Study Island Lessons, Study Island tests, and Khan Academy.  Don’t worry, you will also earn points by playing math games 🙂 You can click here to see how many points you will earn for each.  Students who do not turn in a tracker at the end of the semester will receive a zero.  You will still need to complete Aleks and you will be graded weekly.

Today your assignment on the computers is to login into Khan Academy and join my class.  Once completed, you will get 20 points towards Mathtendo.

Step 1: Login using your romerocharter.org email.

Step 2: When prompted, click on allow.

Step 3:Click on “Coaches” on the bottom left

Step 4:  Join my classroom Code: RW6DCZ

Step 5:Complete the Pre Assessment.

Click here to begin.